Ano Pedina ZagoriPrimoula Country Hotel & SPA

Here, in the village of Ano Pedina- an ideal starting point for your first journey of initiation into the secrets of Zagori area-  we have restored, with great care, an abandoned mansion to our traditional hotel Primoula.  A Boutique Hotel A Class (4 star) with rooms, suites and villas. The beautiful traditional stone villages follow the architectural identity of the area and are in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature.

Zagori, Vikos Gorge, Voidomatis.. . a unique place, physically protected by high mountains. Beautiful traditional stone villages, bridges, fountains, monasteries, virgin forests of beech and oak, rare plants and herbs.
Primoula is located in central Zagori and provides easy access to other settlements such as Aristi, Papigo, Vitsa, Monodendri, Koykoyli, Kapesovo etc. It is 35 km from Ioannina and about 7 km from the Vikos Gorge.

Primoula Wellness Terrace.

Primoula Wellness Terrace is a different spa offering at the visitor an experience of connection to the nature of Zagori.

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