Rafting in Aoos, in Bourazani, Greece

This unique rafting experience starts with an early morning meeting, at 11am, in Bournazi, Konitsa. The team is provided with the appropriate equipment and heads off to the starting point the rafting route. The professional instructors will also provide the participants with safety instructions and then the journey begins!

The route distance is 6 km and takes about one and a half hours to complete. During the route you will make a stop for swimming and diving.

A mini bus will take you back to the starting point once you have finished the journey.


Rafting in the river Aoos, in Albania

This rafting tour begins with a morning meeting at 11 am, in Bournazi, Konitsa. After every member of the team receives the rafting equipment, the team heads off to Mertziani’s customs for identity check. Once the checking is completed, you will follow a spectacular route during which you will pass by old bridges and through impressive passes. The rafting route will lead you to the point where Aoos River meets with Sarantaporos River. The tdistance of the route is 8km and takes about 2 hours to complete, while the total duration of the activity is about 4 hours.

The mini bus will be waiting for you at Tsartsova village, in Albania. The rafting route can be completed by either a large rafting boat, a single, or a two-seater kayak for more fun.