48 hours in the nature of Zagori

If you think two days is not enough time to visit and see a place, we can prove you wrong. We have two tempting alternatives about a weekend in Zagori, depending on your personal preferences and desires. One for nature-lovers and one for lovers of architecture and tradition.

48 hours in the nature of Zagori

Day 1
Our suggestion for your first day involves rafting, hikking until the springs of Voidomatis River and a visit Papingo villages.

After a tasty and healthy breakfast at Primoula you drive to West Zagori for you rafting trip. The starting point of the rafting route is located in Aristi ‘s Bridge. The trail is not difficult but impresses with the beauty of the lush canyon with its impressive vertical cliffs. And after 90 minutes ends at the bridge of Klidonia. ( Ask us to arrange the rafting trip for you) In the middle of the rafting route you will also visit the remoted monatsery of Saints Anargiri.

Alternative activities :
1. Canyoning. Steep gorges,rapel technique,waterfalls and places of unique beauty where there are no other means of access.

2. River trekking. Wear a wet suit and cross  the upper part of Voidomatis river.A three hour activity from the springs of Voidomatis until Aristi bridge.
In all activities equipment is provided. Ask us to arrange your desirable activities. No commission is charged.

If you want to see where and how the river is created follow the path from village Vikos to the springs of Vpoidomatis where the river is born from the heart of the mountain.The spectacle is unique. The descent takes about 25 minutes and as for the climbing, that depends on your pace. Take a rest as you fisnish you ascent in Vikos Village Before you head up to Megalo Papingo and Mikro Papingo.

Both Papingo Villages impress with the architecture and gives you opportunity to get lost for a while in the small pedestrian streets. Very interesting is a visit to the ‘information center for nature and culture in Zagori’ and be informed about the ecosystem of the area ( tel : 00302653041071).

On the road from Megalo to Mikro Papigo ( on a right turn on the middle of the way) you can park your car and follow the path on the left to a fascinating landscape, where running water erodes the rocks creating spectacular formations and natural pools.

Total driving distance is 52 km.

Day 2

Our destination for today direction is central Zagori.
You definitely cant leave Zagori  without visiting Oxia view point. Drive to Monodendri Village (6 km.) and keep on for another 4 km. to a dead end. You are in 0xia. No words to describe the view of Vikos Canyon. You can also visit the Monastery of Agia Paraskeui built literally at the edge of the cliff, that you can reach from Monadendri Village by foot. No more than 10 minutes walk.

In cental Zagori are various small and bigger treks from village to village passing from the famous stone bridges.

Ask us to give you some alternatives for hiking in Cental  Zagori according to your needs.

Koukouli, Dilofo, Kipi and Kapesovo are some villages you have to visit combining with hiking or by car. Enjoy a drink or food at the café of the square. Ask us for the days that cafes are  open.

If you still have time visit Beloi.  Another view point near the highest village of Zagori.  Vradeto village is built at 1350 m above sea level is the beginning of a 25 minute walk to Beloi. If you have more days you can still ask us for other secret places of natural beauty.

The total distance for your second day is 52 kilometers


48 hours of culture and tradition

Day 1
Begin your tour after a hearty and mouthwatering breakfast at Primoula! In Ano Pedina visit the church of Agios Dimitrios (1793), and the Evagelistria Monastery with its fortress like aspect, high walls, great paintings and relics. The monk in the monastery can show you around.

Then take the way to the west Zagori. Shortly before Aristi, Vikos village is a small village built on the entrance of the gorge, with an excellent view of Vikos Gorge Return to Aristi, and go down to the river where the giant trees form a beautiful forest that hides Panagia Spiliotissa monastery (1665), one of the oldest monasteries of Zagori.

The ‘big Papigo’ is one of the most beautiful villages of Zagori and worth making a stop to wander through the streets with views of the top of Astraka.

In ‘small Papigo’ you will visit ‘information center for nature and culture’ and you will be informed about the importance of the ecosystem and the interaction between man and nature.
The center is open daily 10:30 to 18:00
Phone: 26530 41071
E-mail : [email protected]

The total mileage for your first day is 52 km

Day 2
Our destination is the central Zagori.
The first destination is Monodendri located 8 km from Ano Pedina, and built on the edge of the  of Vikos canyon.

Here, visit the monastery of Agia Paraskevi, built in 1413, situated literally on the brink of a precipice. The view of the canyon will take your breath away.

On your way back you can visit Rizario Exhibition Center, a premier exhibition space housed in a 1900s mansion. Information phone 26530.71537. Open daily, except Tuesday, 9:00 to 16:00. PM

Dilofo and Koukouli are two of the most beatifull architecturally villages of Zagori.

Kipi village is located just 2 km from Koukouli and here you will some of the most important stone bridges of Zagori. Visit the three-arched bridge of mill, the bridge ”Kalogeriko”, the bridge of ”Kontodimou” and the famous bridge of ”Kokkoris”.

The total mileage for your second day is 60 kilometers.